Recent Noteworthy Project:

Contractor Services Group, Inc., (CSG) constructed a 1.0-acre elliptical rock island in Malheur Lake on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The Island will serve as a breeding and feeding sanctuary for the native Caspian Tern.

General construction for the island consisted of building an access road and landing area for the in-water work channel and barging 40,000 CY of material out to the Island site for placement. Layers of geogrid were situated at 2 to 4 foot lifts of various rock and earthen materials until the top elevation of the 1 acre island stood five feet above the water line.

The island was successfully built within parameters that included a specific allowable in-water work period from October through February and harsh weather conditions present during these winter months. Temperatures on the water often dropped below 0 ÌŠ F, while wind gusts reached up to 60 mph. Lake ice thickness ranged from 10 to 18 inches in many areas. 24-hour operations were conducted in order to maintain an open working channel through the thick ice from the landing to the island location.

Although operating much of the time in adverse weather conditions, CSG completed the project safely, on time and within budget, while maintaining strict adherence to all criteria necessary for protection of the sensitive ecological environment on the refuge.

  Key Projects:

  • USACE, Dutchy Lake: Retrieve, disassemble and dispose of wayward floating island.
  • BOR, Baldwin Creek Fish Barrier: Construction of concrete fish barrier weir dam.
  • USACE, Union Slough: Demolish and remove concrete bridge structures restoring tidal wetland.
  • USDA, Swan Lake: Environmental Systems Protection and Environmental Remediation for restoration of the Swan Lake property as wetland wildlife habitat
  • USACE, Hamilton Wetlands Water Maintenance: Provide pumping and monitoring of tidal pond water levels


  • BOR, Wildcat Canal Access Road: Restore access road for Battlecreek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project.
  • USACE, Dry Creek: Design-build project for fish habitat enhancement of Dry Creek
  • BOR, Coleman National Fish Hatchery: Site modifications and construction of an elevated viewing platform to improve visitor experience and protect hatchery facilities.
  • USACE, Malheur Caspian Tern Island: Construction of a 1.0-acre elliptical rock island in Malheur Lake on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, OR.